Compensation and Benefits

Salary and benefits

✔  Salary adjustment and performance bonus distribution based on job performance.

✔  Profit sharing. 

✔  Encourage creation, patent bonus.

Employee Benefits

✔  A leave system that follows labor-related laws and regulations and is superior to the Labor Standards Act.

✔   staff meal and coffee subsidies

✔   New employee health check and regular employee health check every two years.

✔   Free comprehensive employee group insurance, travel insurance when traveling on business.

✔  Encourage colleagues to study new job related knowledges and provide subsidies for internal training and external training.

✔  Employee car parking allowance

✔   Group special store discount

Guaranteed pension system

✔  "According to the Regulations on Labor Pension", 6% of the salary is paid monthly and the pension is deposited in the labor personal account.

✔    Employees base voluntarily contribute pensions within 6% of their monthly wages.

The company holds various employee events periodically

✔  Employee events/annual celebration

✔  Family Day

✔  Birthday party