IoT Device Products

Smart Home

  • Smart TVs are equipped with ambient light sensor, or RGB color temperature sensor, which can adjust screen brightness and color temperature according to indoor illumination.
  • The smart lighting is equipped with an ambient light sensor, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the lighting according to the amount of light outside the window illuminating the room to achieve comfort and power saving functions.
  • The automatic sweeper, the companion robot is equipped with a proximity sensor, which can be used for anti-collision and anti-fall design.
  • The garden LED night lights are equipped with an ambient light sensor, which can automatically turn off when the sunlight is sufficient, extending battery life.

Car Interior Space

More and more screens are installed, whether it is the central control infotainment system, the driver's seat instrument panel, the passenger seat and the rear seat TV screen.

  • During the bright ambient light, the car's screen brightness should be increased. These screens need to be equipped with ambient light sensors. When the car passes through the tunnel, the screen brightness will be automatically dimmed, without affecting the driver or passengers viewing the screen.
Part No.FunctionsVdd (V)Form Factors (mm)Pin Cnt
MN15215PS1.82.0 x 1.0 x 0.56
MN29005ALS1.82.0 x 2.0 x 0.510
PL2219Gesture3.33.94 x 2.36x 1.358